Automation Testing Introduction, Environment Setup And Tools

  • Introduction To Testing
  • Introduction To Automation Testing
  • Types Of Automation Tools
  • 1. Functionality Testing Tools
  • 2. Performance Testing Tools
  • 3. Test Management Tools

Introduction To Appium & Mobile Automation Testing

  • Introduction To Mobile Automation Testing
  • Selenium 3.0 And APIs
  • Running The Scripts On Emulators
  • Running The Scripts On Real Devices
  • Various Tools Available For Mobile Automation Testing
  • Understanding The API Levels And Appium Concepts
  • Client/Server Architecture, Session, Desired Capabilities, Appium Server And Appium Clients

Installing JDK, Maven And Android SDK

  • Pre-requisite For Starting With Appium
  • Supported Java Versions
  • Configuring Environment Variables
  • Downloading And Installing JDK
  • Downloading And Installing Maven On Windows
  • Downloading Android SDK
  • Taking A Look At Available Android Virtual Devices

Basic Installation For Appium On Windows

  • Visiting Appium.exe
  • Downloading Appium For Windows
  • Downloading Appium Jars And Other Dependencies
  • Configuring SDK Manager
  • Downloading Different Android API Levels
  • Setting Up Android Environment Variables
  • Downloading Appium GUI Tool
  • Understanding Application Path, Package & Launch Activity
  • Starting Appium Server
  • Running A Sample Test To Make Sure Everything Works Fine

Object Locators And Techniques

  • Locating Elements On The App
  • What All Can Be Locatable
  • Locating Elements Within Elements
  • Locating Multiple Elements
  • Find Element By Android UIAutomator
  • Exploring UIAutomator API
  • Finding Elements By ClassName
  • Finding Elements By Ids
  • Finding Elements By Xpaths
  • Using Different Functions Inside UIAutomator Class
  • Exercises
  • .

Testing Android Native, Hybrid & Web Apps On Windows

  • Native App Test – Making A Call With Internal Dialer Application
  • Native App Test – Adding A New Contact To Phonebook
  • Native App Test – Sending SMS From A Real Device
  • Native App Test – Automating A Standard App
  • TouchActions And Events – Handling User Gestures
  • WebApp Test – Automating Web Based Testing On Chrome Browser
  • Hybrid App Test – Automating The Mobile Messaging App

Downloading Appium Dependencies

  • Understanding Desiredcapabilities Class
  • Extracting Packages And Activities Information Of Pre And Post Installed Apps
  • Downloading Appium Maven Dependencies
  • Adding Device Name
  • Connecting Real Device To USB And Running ADB Commands

Starting The Appium Server Programmatically Windows OS

  • Starting The Appium Server Through Code / Programmatically On Windows
  • Downloading Appium Maven Dependencies
  • Stopping The Appium Server
  • Kill All Nodes

UI Automator Viewer

  • Opening UIAutomator Viewer Through SDK Tools Kit
  • Understanding Different Locator Strategies
  • Taking The Device Screenshot
  • Device Screenshot With Compressed Hierarchy
  • Understanding The Different Locator Tags

Appium Inspector

  • What Is Appium Inspector?
  • How And When To Run It?
  • Record And Play Using Appium Inspector
  • Locating Elements With The Help Of Appium Inspector
  • Inspector Will Only Run With Active Session

Object Repository

  • What Is Object Repository?
  • How To Use Object Repository In Framework
  • What Is The Use Of Maintain Object Repository
  • Types Of Creating Object Repository

Additional Framework Features

  • Execution With ANT
  • Execution With Maven
  • Execution With Continuous Integration Tool I.e., Jenkins

Unit Test Framework

  • JUnit Introduction
  • JUnit Annotations
  • JUnit Implementation In Selenium RC/ Web Driver Scripts
  • TestNG Introduction
  • TestNG Annotations
  • TestNG Implementation In Selenium RC/ Web Driver Scripts
  • Difference Between JUnit And TestNG


  • Setting Up Java Environment In Windows Platform
  • Object – Oriented Programming Concepts
  • Classes And Objects, Interfaces , Encapsulation, Access And Non-Access Modifiers
  • Variables , Methods And Arrays
  • Inheritance, Abstraction And Polymorphism
  • Collections , Loop Concepts And If-else Statements
  • File I/O, Exception Handling , Code Debugging And Java API Understanding
  • Practice Programs In The Java Concepts
  • JDBC – Database Testing Introduction
  • Handling Sql Server Database Using JDBC Scripts

Importent Details

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  • Starts From

  • April 06, 2020
  • 16:50:01