Core Java

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Java Language, OOPS, Programming
  • Introduction To Java And OOPS
  • Java Tokens- Comments, Identifiers, Keywords, Separators
  • Working With Java Editor Softwares – Editplus, NetBeans, Eclipse
  • Packages With Static Imports
  • Working With Jar
  • Modifiers – File Level, Access Level And Non-access Level
  • Datatypes, Literals, Variables, Type Conversion, Casting & Promotion
  • Reading Runtime Values From Keyboard And Properties File
  • Operators And Control Statements
  • Method And Types Of Methods
  • Variable And Types Of Variables
  • Constructor And Types Of Constructors
  • Block And Types Of Blocks
  • Declarations, Invocations And Executions
  • Compiler & JVM Architecture With Reflection API
  • Static Members And Their Execution Control Flow
  • Non-Static Members And Their Execution Control Flow
  • Final Variables And Their Rules
  • Classes And Types Of Classes
  • OOPS- Fundamentals, Models, Relations And Principles
  • Coupling And Cohesion (MVC And LCRP Architectures)
  • Types Of Objects & Garbage Collection
  • Arrays And Var-arg Types
  • Enum And Annotation
  • Design Patterns
Java API And Project
  • API And API Documentation
  • Fundamental Classes – Object, Class, System, Runtime
  • String Handling
  • Exception Handling And Assertions
  • Multithreading With JVM Architecture
  • IO Streams (File IO)
  • Networking (Socket Programming)
  • Wrapper Classes With Auto Boxing And Unboxing
  • Collections With Generics
  • Java 5, 6, 7, 8 New Features
  • Inner Classes
  • AWT, Swings, Applet
  • Regular Expressions
  • Formatting Date, Time (java.text Package)